Order Custom Software (More than 200 Clients)

Basically our software are FREE, there is NO TRIAL, and UNLIMITED TRANSACTION. There are hundred users that already use our Free Software.

Due to various need, we accept order to Custom our Free Software

For example, the words still in Indonesian and need to custom into English

Indonesian Words :



Custom into English Words :



You can order to add some features too

For more information please do not hesitate to contact us :
Email/YM : wongblajar@yahoo.com
WA : +62856-4204-3421

Our Clients :
1. PT. Buana Inter Global (Furniture Factory)
2. 99 Furniture (Furniture Factory)
3. CV. Surya Indah Garmindo (Garment Factory)
4. KSP. Sumber Karya Makmur (Finance Company)
5. Karangayu Travel (Travel Agent)
6. LJ Hooker (Property Agent)
7. CV. IndoCycle (Trading Company)
8. CV. Mekar Sejahtera (Trading Company)
9. CV. Satu Hati (Trading Company)
10. Surya Cell (Shop)
11. Spesialis Pulsa (Shop)
12. Starry Cell (Shop)
13. Podomoro Cell (Shop)
14. Ramee (Shop)
15. Glodok (Shop)
16. UD Roda Mas (Trading Company)
17. Metro CD (Toko)
18. Silba (Shop)
19. Lie Son Seng (Shop)
20. Bina Utama Electric (Shop)
21. UD. Lautan Jaya (Trading Company)
22. Yehova Rapha (Clinic)
23. R & E Motor (Repair Shop)
24. PT. Agree Mulia Utama
25. SteamBoat House (Restaurant)
26. etc

Agents :
1. Finance Software (109) : Indonesia
2. Hotel Software (31) : Indonesia
3. Clinic Software (14) : Indonesia
4. Shop Software (11) : Indonesia
5. Bank Software (5) : Indonesia
6. Factory Software (6) : Indonesia
7. School Software (5) : Indonesia
8. SMS/Short Message Service Software (4) :Indonesia
9. etc

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